Michel Barnier says UK ‘can stay’ in EU if it wants to

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Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator,  said the UK “can stay” in the EU if it wants to, adding that “everything is possible” up until 11 April, the day before the new Brexit deadline.

Speaking in the European Parliament on Wednesday Barnier said it is up to Britain to decide, one way or another. Barnier added that this also includes to decide how to shoulder that responsibility and to choose what it wants for this future, and ultimately to bear the consequences of the decisions that it has taken.

He insisted that no one in Brussels is trying to steal Brexit from you, no one is trying to undo the vote put to the British people.

“But it is not Brussels that decided that the UK would leave the European Union: you were the ones that made that choice and you are the ones who have to take that responsibility and face up to your decisions. No one else.”

In his address to the European Parliament on the Brexit situation, Barnier said that the United Kingdom wants to leave the EU, that means it wants to leave the customs union, the single market, and it will bear the consequences of that – but of course, as President Tusk has said, it can still say. Anything is possible up until 11 April.


Via The Independent


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