Merkel calls for ‘comparable minimum wage’ across EU, appeal for equal working conditions within the EU

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for the EU to look into ways to ensure countries have a “comparable” minimum wage. She also added that there should be equal working conditions across the European Union.

Merkel made the comments in her intervention at the International Labour Organization (ILO) conference in Geneva. The German chancellor stopped short of supporting a standard EU-wide minimum wage, which French President Emmanuel Macron backed at the same conference.

Merkel said that while Germany and other EU members already have a national minimum wage, it was necessary to look into “how we can have comparable minimum wages,” taking into consideration the standard of living in different places. She added that the EU should “at least” work to ensure the same working conditions across the bloc.

The German leader also complained that many companies still lack top female executives.

Merkel, who is Germany’s first female chancellor and does not plan to run again in 2021, has in recent months frequently raised concerns about the lack of women in senior roles.

Via Politico

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