MEP Miriam Dalli appointed on EP Special Committee on Beating Cancer

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Maltese MEP Miriam Dalli (S&D) has been appointed as a full member on the newly-created European Parliament Special Committee on Beating Cancer.


The members of these committees are chosen by the political groups, which communicate their selection to Parliament’s President. Each political group is allocated a number of seats in proportion to the number of MEPs it accounts for in the whole of the EP.


The chairs and vice-chairs of each committee will be decided at the constitutive meetings in September.


In its June plenary session, the Parliament established a subcommittee on taxation, three special committees – one on cancer, another on artificial intelligence and a third on foreign interference, and a committee of inquiry on animal transport.


Each special committee is composed of 33 members, whereas the subcommittee and committee of inquiry have 30 members each.



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