May says she won’t compromise with Brussels over her Brexit plans
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Theresa May has said she will refuse to be forced into agreeing compromises on her Brexit plan that are not in the national interest.

Writing in The Telegraph, the Prime Minister states she is confident that the Government can broker a “good deal for Britain”.

In a stark appeal to Eurosceptic MPs who are opposed to her proposals and concerned that they could be further watered down, she says: “I will not be pushed into accepting compromises on the Chequers proposals that are not in our national interest.”

In the article, intended to quell the fears of MPs as they return to Westminster in the coming days, Mrs May also rejects calls for a second referendum, stating that such a move would amount to a “gross betrayal of our democracy”.

She also insists that the country would ultimately thrive in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Her intervention comes amid a growing campaign by Brexiteer MPs to scrap the plan agreed at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country retreat, in July.

Eurosceptics are drawing up an alternative deal that they hope Boris Johnson and David Davis, the former Cabinet ministers, will back when it is unveiled before the Conservative Party conference at the end of this month.

Read May’s Article on The Telegraph

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