Maxi anti-mafia operation in Catania leads to over 50 arrests

I03 - 19980922 - CATANIA; ITALY: An Italian Carabinieri talk to colleagues following a raid at a quarry at Trescagni, 22 September, a suspected mafia hide-out of the 'Laudani' clan in the Reggio di Calabria, allegedly used to hide victims. Police launched sweeping anti-mafia operations in several major Italian cities today, targetting particularly members of the oragnised crime networks based in the south and in Sicily. Sicilian magistrate meanwhile issued 122 arrest warrants for suspected members of the Laudai clan within the Cosa Nostra mafia, wanted mainly in connection with 42 murders linked to the drug traffic, extorsion rackets and loan-sacking. EPA/ANSA

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A vast antimafia operation was carried out in the early hours of the day in the Sicilian city of Catania.
Hundreds of police officers, including members of special corps and investigative units, were involved in a significant operation targeted against the renowned clan Cappello-Bonaccorsi.
52 persons were arrested, including a number of renowned Mafia bosses, their wives and children.
The operation, nicknamed ‘Camaleonte’ also saw a significant amount of assets being seized by the authorities.
Local portal said that this operation has “decimated” the Cappello clan, which is one of the strongest Mafia groups on the island and is involved in a wide range of illicit activities in Sicily with links to other Southern Italian regions.

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