Marseille becomes latest French municipality to elect a Green mayor

epa08526799 Newly officialy elected mayor of Marseille Michele Rubirola gestures after receiving the mayor scarf, during a municipal council in which Marseille's new mayor is to be elected, in Marseille, France, 04 July 2020. Michele Rubirola arrived first after the first round of the vote but failed to reach the absolute majority needed to be elected. EPA-EFE/CLEMENT MAHOUDEAU / POOL MAXPPP OUT

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Marseille became the latest French municipality to elect a Green mayor on Saturday, in a wave that has swept the country since local elections at the end of last month.

Michèle Rubirola, the first female leader of France’s second city, won the most votes from city councillors, ending almost a week of suspense after the June 28 poll that failed to give her slate an absolute majority.

Rubirola, of the left-wing Printemps coalition, will succeed Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, who made the city a conservative stronghold in his 25 years in office.

Via France 24 

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