Brisbane airport locked down after bomb threat UPDATE

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Brisbane International Airport is in lockdown with a man taken into custody following an “emergency situation”.

Shortly after 9pm authorities confirmed they were in attendence and urged members of the public to avoid the area, with all trains halted.

“Specialist police have taken a man into custody. Police are currently conducting clearance searches of the International Terminal. No reported injuries to any members of the public or police,” Queensland Police said in a statement.

Earlier reports said that a man has been shot by police after allegedly making a bomb threat at Brisbane International Airport.

The building has been evacuated and placed in lockdown, with police declaring an emergency situation shortly after 9pm local time.

Trains have been halted to the area with the Australian Federal Police and Queensland police are currently in attendance.

Shortly after police released a statement urging members of public to avoid the area, unconfirmed reports surfaced on social media that a man with knives was present in the terminal and a bomb threat had been made.

Witnesses said ambulances soon arrived.

Via News Australia

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