Maltese Government says that Maltese nationals are not in danger – Libyan Interior ministry warned residents to stay away from clashes zone – Salvini rules out military action (UPDATED)
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TVM reports that the Maltese nationals who are in Libya are not in any danger and have not requested to be evacuated, contrary to the The Times of Malta report. In a statement, the Foreign Affairs Minister said that it has already contacted the Maltese who are in Libya, and confirmed that none of them are in danger.

TVM is informed that of the 18 Maltese people in Libya, none of them are located in the areas which have been hit by conflict.

Anyone wishing to contact the Foreign Affairs Ministry about the situation in Libya is asked to phone on +356 21 242 191.


The Times of Malta leads today with a report that Maltese nationals in Libya have asked to be evacuated as clashes between militias in Tripoli intensified, government sources said yesterday.

The sources in the Maltese government said efforts were under way to sort out logistics for a possible evacuation of about 25 Maltese nationals based in Tripoli and western Libya. They requested assistance to leave the troubled North African country.

So far in Tripoli, 41 people were killed and 128 others were injured as well as 8 others were reported missing, according to the Sunday records of the field hospital of the Injured Affairs Department in Tripoli. The department called on the Health Ministry and humanitarian organizations to assist Libyans and enable ambulances to take injuries and trapped families out of clashes zone.

The Interior Ministry warned all residents to be away from the areas of clashes as there is little security presence in there.

The Interior Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, has said his country would not be involved in military intervention in Libya. Salvini said military intervention won’t solve any problems “and others should come to grips with that,” implying France. “Italy should advocate for peace and stability in the Mediterranean and the intervention of others which only act upon economic prompts should not replace peace.” Salvini remarked.

In the meantime, the President of the Center for International Studies (Cesi) Margelletti, said that the situation is fluid, in the country there are no alliances. However he argues that Macron is supporting Haftar, so as he protects the French interests and not that of the coalition to which it belongs. The situation is fluid and subject to sudden changes, with militias that pursue different interests and that can not be included in macro alliances. This scenario is characterized by a struggle between different countries which they try to bring the Libyan situation to their side, to favor their national interests. As long as this struggle between states remains balanced, we will hardly see a stabilization process in Libya “.

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