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In a refreshing change to politically-loaded editorials, two editors today focus on architectural and cultural progress and professional development.

The Times celebrates Malta’s architectural style, which in recent years has sought to roll back the ugliness of past constructions. It renders tribute to outstanding designs, naming Valletta as a prime example of these initiatives bearing fruit. The Editorial calls on further self-regulation in construction in the face of a general failure in planning.

L-Orizzont dedicates its Editorial to what it describes as a significant improvement in Malta’s cultural offering, with a substantial increase note only in the number of diverse events being organised but also in their quality. Quality is attracting an even bigger audience, including foreigners. The Editor describes this as a win-win situation, with the new reality offering significant opportunities for artists’ professional development.

In-Nazzjon tackles the recent issues relating to Malta’s reputation particularly in the field of financial services. Analysing the recent Financial Secrecy Index by the Tax Justice Network, which relegated the country by a further two places, the Editor calls it another blow to the country’s reputation which is having an adverse effect on financial services and FDI in general. This report adds to the negative conclusions of an IMF publication which highlighted Malta’s dependency on worker migration for economic growth, fiscal risks and an inadequate anti-money laundering framework.

The Malta Independent calls on Government to stop and think before taking the next step with regard to the sale of Malta’s three hospitals. The editor highlights the centrality of the three hospitals to Malta’s free healthcare system and therefore urges a re-think of the strategy before further decisions are taken.

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