Maltese Editors’ Viewpoints

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The rule of law, cultural heritage and poverty are the focus on the Editorials on the last Monday of the month.

The Times of Malta focuses on the recent issue cropping up around the lack of nominations by Malta for the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Editorial urges Government to find a solution, as part of the countries efforts to restore its reputation on compliance with the highest standards on the constitution and the rule of law. In this context, the Editor acknowledges that Malta has taken a significant step forward in its recently announced plans on judicial and other senior appointments in a bid to come in line with the Venice Commission’s recommendations.

The Independent refers to the recent discovery of Punic tombs in Tarxien, a timely reminder for the need to preserve our cultural heritage. While welcoming efforts made in the previous years to increase awareness, such as the creation of the heritage passport, the Editor calls for sustained efforts to introduce such awareness in the educational curriculum.

The two Maltese language focus in unison on the plight of poverty in Malta, giving however contrasting figures to justify the arguments raised.

L-Orizzont notes how under a Labour administration the number of persons considered as living in material poverty has declined, but still over 25,000 people are living in sub-standard conditions. To make things worse, the Editor notes that the plight of many of these people is silent – their cases are hard to identify. The Editorial therefore called for efforts to identify these situations to improve the living conditions of all.

In-Nazzjon adds to the tally the number of persons at risk of poverty, saying that these have reached almost 90,000. The Editor also notes the hundreds of families having to make use of food banks to be able to eat on a daily basis, arguing how an increased cost of living has made their lives harder. The paper also quotes a recent report by Caritas which notes how the increased rental charges have dented the spending power of lower-income families.

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