Maltese Editors’ Viewpoints

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Today’s Editors appeal for social responsibility from all stakeholders during these challenging times.

The Times focuses its Editorial on the role that can be played by banks during this time of crisis. The Editor recommends that personal clients with mortgagees must be supported just as much as businesses are. However, the Editor disagrees with proposals for a windfall profits tax on local banks, however they need to do their part to support their distressed clients. The Editorial also calls on regulators to o put the brakes on banking reforms that discourage risk-taking.

The Independent shares a message of gratitude to the lesser-known front liners, such as carers in old people’s homes, people who work with others with severe disability, including at places such as Dar tal-Providenza, to truck drivers and pilots hauling cargo. While the latter’s role is many times not widely acknowledged, it is essential to ensure that the country is not isolated from the rest of the world.

Two recent statements have angered Maltatoday’s Editor, namely the decisions to allow Spring hunting to take place as well as well as the nod in favour of construction to be that economic sector which propels the economy once again after this crisis is over. The Editor argues that this crisis has shown numerous occasions where some are treated in different ways then others – noting the case of third country nations which have been abandoned after being ‘squeezed liked lemons’.

In-Nazzjon looks at some lessons which could be learnt from this difficult time. The Editor calls in particular for the birth of an economy which lives in harmony with its environment. Interestingly, the green economy can provide potential for growth as the world rebounds from the crisis.

L-Orizzont’s Editor latches on yesterday’s Freedom Day celebration to auspicate a new kind of freedom among the Maltese public. The freedom from racism, from antipathy towards people with different backgrounds, beliefs, nationalities. The Editor auspicates that the country makes a bigger effort to truly make integration work.

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