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Friday’s papers put sport and activism, prejudice, constitutional reforms and the re-opening of schools in their respective leading op-eds.

The Times of Malta celebrates a number of heroes through the field of sport, who have raised awareness on important societal issues in the past weeks, particularly Claudio Camilleri and Patrick Tabone, two professionals turned athletes, who covered 190km in 35 hours to raise funding for young refugees’ education as well as Neil Agius, who swam from Sicily to Malta to raise awareness on maritime pollution. The Editor says that through networking and technology, this type of activism is connecting in a better way with the people and keeps their needs in mind.

The Independent discusses the re-opening of schools in September, sharing several parents’ concerns that The government seems inclined not to re-introduce any more drastic measures whatever the situation will be in September. The Editor argues that the government is now giving more priority to the economic aspect of our way of life, in spite of the reservations being expressed by the medical community. The Editorial insists that the country is not out of the woods yet, and come September the situation might require schools to remain shut.

In-Nazzjon defines the Constitutional reforms adopted in Parliament recently as a historical agreement, particularly the election of a President with two-thirds majority, the granting of more powers, including the final say on the appointment of new magistrates as well as the strengthening of the permanent commission against corruption. It also highlights what it describes as the valid role of the Opposition in this process.

L-Orizzont continues its effort to foster a culture of respect towards people from different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures, and expresses a hope that current existing prejudices become part of history. It reminds its readers how for many years, the Maltese were a migratory people, leaving to pastures anew in the US, Canada and Australia.

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