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Today’s Editorials reflect the key stories on Malta’s different media outlets, focusing on recent coronavirus developments, migration and the challenges ahead for the Nationalist Party.

Migration is the subject of today’s Times of Malta editorial. While acknowledging that controlling irregular migration is a priority particularly in current circumstances, the Editor speaks about the need for integration. These migrants have their aspirations but little political backing. The best way to uphold European values is to define an EU-wide integration policy for those migrants who are now members of our communities.

Maltatoday’s Editorial argues that it is manifestly unfair that, while people are expected to maintain social distancing rules in small places and where only a few people gather such as shops, or even Mass large gatherings such as parties and festas continue being given the green light.

The Independent discusses the important few days ahead for the Nationalist Party, referring to a vote as to whether paid-up members will be asked to express a vote of confidence in Adrian Delia or go directly to fresh leadership elections. Yet, the Editor believes that Saturday’s result will not be the end of the tortuous journey that the party has undertaken. It will be just one other step the party has to take in an attempt to iron out the differences.

L-Orizzont looks at progress made towards achieving through equality saying that much more needs to be done with regard to the role of women in Maltese society. It refers to a recent ranking which showed Malta scoring rather low among its European peers, particularly when it comes to women occupying executive or board positions within companies. On the positive side, the Editor notes the significant increase in employment among women over the past years.

In-Nazzjon calls fall prudence among rising coronavirus cases in Malta, aligning itself to declarations made in the past few days by professional organisations, including those representing health workers. It also takes the PM to task for insisting that the situation in Malta was business as usual calling for caution to ensure that the results achieved so far and the efforts made by all frontliners would not have been in vain.

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