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Development in Gozo, police communication, EU funds and renewal within Labour’s ranks: the four topics for debate in today’s editorials.

In its Editorial, The Times of Malta discusses the ongoing process of over-development is already having devastating effects on the environmental sustainability of Gozo. It quotes figures which which show that the Planning Authority issued nearly 700 permits for projects outside development zones in Gozo over the past three years.

The Malta Independent, in turn, welcomes improvement on communication by the police, with a member of the team on site during major incidents to deliver a statement and answer questions. It also welcomes the provision of daily updates on important cases and the use of crime conferences.

L-Orizzont leads with the renewal process in the Labour Party, with the election of Daniel Micallef as Deputy Leader. This renewal process will ultimately benefit the country’s success as a new generation of ideas takes its place. The Editor contrasts this with the divisions which are currently being exposed within the Nationalist Party, described as the result of seeds which have been sown in previous years.

In-Nazzjon looks into the EU multi-annual budget and recovery assistance, hailing the Union’s principle of solidarity. However, it questions mediatic efforts by Governments to inflate Malta’s allocation, saying that in reality the funds obtained, when reducing what Malta has to pay back, will in actual fact be less than the sum secured by the Nationalist Administration for the current financing period.

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