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Three Editorials call for PN Leader Adrian Delia’s head this morning, while the business papers share their concerns on the slow economic recovery constrained by limited numbers in tourism.

The Times of Malta looks again at the situation within the PN and describes as the leader-of-the-opposition-in-waiting, Therese Comodini Cachia as representing a new PN generation. She has shown political courage in offering to step into the breach caused by Delia’s patent inability to win the support of all wings of the party. She has demonstrated the personality and determination to succeed. The Editor says that her straight talking, espousal of just causes and lack of baggage have the potential to capture the electoral imagination.

Business Today looks at the tourism numbers which so far remain low, with Air Malta currently operating with only three planes, down from 10 plane. In light of this, the government needs to reduce – where possible – tax burden, including VAT. The Editor says that there need to be more schemes to help ailing industries and businesses stay afloat and this can only be done by extending the Malta Enterprise schemes. It also joins the chorus of editorials calling for Adrian Delia to resign.

The Business Weekly is in agreement with its business counterpart and insists that it has a very high percentage of service enterprises, mainly linked to tourism. This makes it far more exposed than an economy, for instance, based on exports or on the internal market. This also means that it is of paramount importance that Malta remains a safe country, that it keeps the amount of Covid infections as low as possible and its health system free of getting overwhelmed. It is also paramount that Malta and its tourism sector get recognised internationally as being safe to come here.

The Malta Independent does not mince its words, and straight from the Editorial’s heading tells PN leader Adrian Delia that it is time to go. The Editor argues that it is crystal clear that Delia is not the right man for the job. He is incapable of leading a strong Opposition, incapable of being able to hold the government to account, because he himself has been at the centre of a number of allegations, among other reasons.

L-Orizzont welcomes reforms in the Citizenship scheme which it describes as more rigorous, and which will now include stricter scrutiny of international sanctions and the origins of wealth of the applicants. The new scheme, which will require proof of living in Malta, will also see a reform of the agency handling it.


In-Nazzjon celebrates the 30th anniversary from what it describes as the first step towards EU accession, the presentation of a formal application for membership, a lengthy process which culminated on 16th April 2013 when Government signed the Accession Treaty, months after a referendum in which a majority of more than 19,000 opted for joining the EU club.

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