Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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On the first day of the week, Malta’s print editorials focus on the return to a sense of normality in travelling, Malta’s political outlook, employment and the quality of the air we breathe.

The Times of Malta says that Malta enters a new phase in its approach to COVID-19 this week when nearly 30 more countries will be dropped from the travel ban, a move that is hoped will help pull the economy out of its pandemic slump. The Editor expresses hope health concerns have not been too compromised in the latest relaxation of measures, insisting that Malta continues to learn from other countries’ experience so that our businesses will still be around to enjoy better years ahead.

The Independent’s Editorial paints a dark picture of Malta’s political outlook, with the country’s reputation described as in tatters. The Editor argues that Government is prevented from moving forward due to Joseph Muscat’s shadow, the PN is in surrender mode with Adrian Delia stubbornly refusing to leave despite the writing being on the wall. All this is even more concerning with possible grey-listing by Moneyval on the cards. The Editor calls on Malta’s politicians to get their act together and for once do the right thing.

L-Orizzont focuses today’s Editorial on the quality of the air we breathe, recalling that Covid-19 should have taught us important lessons in this regard. It argues that much more can be done in this regard, suggesting that the country should walk the talk and move forward from discussions to actual reforms, particularly in favour of alternative mobility and public transport.

In-Nazzjon tackles employment prospects and discusses the concerns expressed by workers around the island in a recent survey carried out by the NSO in the wake of Covid-19. It also tackles a recent SME Chamber which looked into the key challenges facing Maltese businesses at the present time.

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