Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The rule of law and economic recovery are the key themes taken on by Editors in today’s leaders.

The Times of Malta focuses on the upcoming Moneyval (the Council of Europe’s anti-money laundering body) test. The Editor argues that putting our house in order to combat financial crime may result in some operators deciding to relocate to other jurisdictions more lenient with enforcing international anti-money laundering standards. But Malta cannot expect special treatment in a context where some countries already consider it a less than reputable jurisdiction in the EU. The Editorial insists that the long-term benefits of implementing robust anti-money laundering processes outweigh the short-term costs to the country.

The Independent discusses the charges brought against a number of police officers regarding overtime abuse, insisting that this should be just the beginning. The Editor argues that trust in the police has suffered over recent years, and this scandal did not help in the slightest. A complete investigation into the whole Force should, if it has not already taken place, be launched to see if any other sections of the Force were involved in any wrongdoing.

Business Today looks at the vouchers that will be sent to the general public to spend in Malta’s catering and retail outlets, and it welcomes the innovative IT-based system that they will be based upon. At times like these, it becomes imperative that public sector responses are quick and effective to reduce uncertainty and mitigate the pressure caused by the pandemic crisis.

The Malta Business Weekly argues that for a full recovery handouts are not enough. People have been generally thankful but the help is running out. And those especially who have been relying almost exclusively on the help coming from the state now face the threat of trying to survive without this. The Editor hopes that the structures of social assistance can be widened and enlarged so as to be able to offer real help to those in need, this side of assistentialism. The Editorial also claims tht SMEs are suffering the bigger brunt, and they have been swallowed up in a black hole.

In-Nazzjon focuses on the rule of law and proposals put forward by the Venice Commission. The Editor says that in picking and choosing which initiatives to actually implement, Government is seeking the best of both worlds, which ultimately will not suffice to enhance Malta’s reputation.

L-Orizzont describes the re-opening of Malta’s airport as another stop towards normality, which was possible thanks to the way the pandemic was managed in Malta. The Editorial refers on estimates that 700,000 tourists would visit Malta by the end of the year, which would give a timely boost to Malta’s businesses.

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