Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Governance and political accountability remain at the centre of editorial thoughts this Friday.

The Times of Malta returns to the recent booting of former Minister Konrad Mizzi, which followed that of Chris Cardona, expressing hope that this is the beginning of a real wind of change. The Editor argues that the impunity of politicians who abuse their power, the failure to ensure that the country’s institutions operate free from government intrusion, and the frequent disregard for the rule of law will remain outstanding threats to political normality and democracy unless tackled head on.

The Independent also tackles this issue, and highlights the strict loyalty of Labour MPs towards its leaders. The Editor notes how assiduously had MPs supported Konrad Mizzi up to a few days ago, only to overwhelmingly vote against him once the Party Leader indicated that such was his preference. The Editorial argues that what made Labour MPs change their mind was ultimately that Muscat was no longer shielding Mizzi.

In-Nazzjon also pushes forward the corruption argument detailing how it sees the nation’s governance taken over by a mafia-like organisation. It says that resignations are note enough for effective justice to be carried out.

L-Orizzont welcomes investment in national environmental projects focusing in urban spaces. These green and blue infrastructure projects are initially based in the localities of Hamrun, Qormi and Mosta. The Editorial also focuses on the need to enhance green spaces, calling for the respect of trees and plants, and for these not to be removed for the simple sake of making space for wider roads.

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