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Governance and polls take centre stage in today’s Editorials.

The Times of Malta expresses its disappointment at the way a culture of entitlement has permeated Maltese society, not only with reference to recent high-profile scandals but also at lower levels. It refers to a recent story where a number of workers on a JobsPlus scheme in Gozo were found to have been skiving. But they still get paid thanks to the ineffective management of the scheme by District Operations, a GWU foundation that is paid €1 million a year by the government to manage it. The Editor calls for a radical overhaul of this project.

Maltatoday welcomes Robert Abela’s decision to bite the bullet and get the Labour Party to vote out former Minister Konrad Mizzi. The Editor argues that Abela could have considered not taking such a decision given the healthy lead in the polls, and not to alienate Labour’s supporters. However, such move would have been short-sighted. Unless Abela draws a clear line in the sand, the perception that he is trying to protect a criminal legacy will only return to haunt him every time a serious accusation of impropriety surfaces.

The Independent also looks at the significant majority in the polls for the Labour Party. The Editor analyses such situation, attributing it to Malta’s economic success which tends to make people look to the other side when other issues crop up. Malta’s healthy financial situation and the consequent support measures provided in the wake of the pandemic also contributed positively. However, the Opposition’s woes have also contributed to increasing such gap.

L-Orizzont discusses recent reforms related to the administration of justice and the improvement of governance in Malta. The Editor looks at the key measures implemented by Government, a number of which build on recommendations of the Venice Commission.

In-Nazzjon focuses today’s Editorial on the Police Force, arguing that Labour’s infiltration and use of the force for its own needs has created two big problems: the force itself is motivated and the general public has lost trust in it.

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