Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Protection of journalists, discrimination, the recent political scandals and the fortunes of the Opposition all make their way in today’s Editorials.

The Times of Malta calls for stronger protections of journalists who are threatened through very costly libel lawsuits in foreign countries, which the Editor describes as a threat to media freedom because they wear down or cripple media organisations in costly battles, often over procedural points such as the choice of jurisdiction. The paper welcomes the PN-proposed amendment to national legislation to protect the media from vexatious libel lawsuits in countries beyond the EU, however, it calls for changes to EU law to counter SLAPP within the EU.

The Independent looks at the shape of the Nationalist Party, arguing that the next election is ‘already lost’ Financially speaking, the PN is in worse shape than the PL. This means that the party will need to come up with more creative ways of getting its message out to the public. This would require an injection of new ideas in terms of communications strategy, which is perhaps something the party should focus on. The Editor argues that the PN needs a new leader who can bring both sides together, but not just a compromise candidate for the sake of having one, a real leader who people can believe in.

In-Nazzjon continues to dig in on the recent revelations related to the political scandal surrounding the purchasing of a windfarm in Montenegro. It takes Labour to task for allowing criminals to manoeuvre it in the direction they wanted to and describes the Prime Minister as weak for not taking immediate, strong action against people found to be involved in such shady deals.

L-Orizzont takes a strong social stance in its Editorial today calling for more efforts in the country’s fight against inequality and discrimination. The Editor welcomes the creation of a new Board to investigate and provide remedies in cases of discrimination.

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