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While developments related to the coronavirus have largely lost their front page spaces in local newspapers, today’s Editors have dedicated their Editorial to the thorny issue of re-opening Malta’s economy .

Just over a week before the end of the public health emergency in Malta, on 1st July, The Times of Malta argues that it is imperative that all eyes are wide open to the attendant health risks and that there will be no hesitation about springing back into action should the virus strike again. While the Editor seems to understand the economic needs prevalent at the current times, and that new case numbers continue to be very low, it is very evident that the virus is not a vanquished enemy, rather one that is ready to stage an ambush at any time. The experience in some of the other countries that have opened up is testimony to that.

The Independent argues that air quality has improved in Malta, not solely during lockdown days but even after restrictions have been removed. It notes that many employers have embraced teleworking, reducing the numbers of cars on the road. However, the Editor calls for further initiatives, even though proposals which so far appear far-fetched, such as the construction of a metro line, to continue to reduce our dependency on cars.

In-Nazzjon lays into the recent political scandals which engulfed the Labour Party in Government, noting how in the space of few years, two deputy leaders, Konrad Mizzi and Chris Cardona were forced to resign for their involvement in alleged illicit activities. The Editor calls on the Labour Party to distance itself from such individuals and others who have been accused of other crimes or otherwise risk being an accomplice to crime.

L-Orizzont discusses efforts being made to support the regeneration of the tourism industry in Malta, insisting that on the first day of the re-opening of Malta’s airport between 2,500 to 3,000 tourists are expected to visit the island. This is coupled with the investment being made in the local tourism product, which will further incentivise larger numbers to choose Malta as their next travelling destination.

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