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Today’s Editorials are dominated by calls for the resignation of Labour Deputy Leader Chris Cardona after his name surfaced once again during the public hearings related to the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The Times of Malta makes a strong case for the resignation of Labour Deputy Leader Chris Cardona, calling for the Prime Minister to wield the axe if the former continues to hang on to his post.The prime minister yesterday said he had spoken to Cardona and communicated his wish that he no longer remains PL deputy leader. Until last night, Cardona had made no official comment. The Editor also calls on the PL delegates not to vote in any unsavoury characters with baggage.

The Independent tackles the same issue but adds former Minister Konrad Mizzi into the mix, insist that she should be next to leave politics. The Editor recalls that Konrad Mizzi, a former Deputy Leader himself, was twice appointed as Minister by Joseph Muscat, but on both occasions was forced to resign following his involvement in different political scandals, which had followed up the revelation that he opened accounts in Panama.

Maltatoday shares the same view, and while reminding readers that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, following the events that culminated in last December’s political crisis, it should have been obvious that a man implicated in this murder investigation – however remotely (still less, as explicitly as in this case) – could not expect to continue representing either the Labour Party, or the government of Malta, until his name was cleared.

In-Nazzjon joins this chorus, arguing that under Labour crime and corruption have become institutionalised. It also refers to the alleged involvement of senior Labour politicians and officals in the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The Editor recalls that these are just few of the scandals to rock the Labour Government referring to cases related to former Minister Konrad Mizzi and former Assistant Commissioner Silvio Valletta.

L-Orizzont is the only daily to keep away from the political issues which dominated the first half of this week, focusing on tourism and the regeneration of this important economic sector, particularly with the re-opening of the airport from July The Editor also refers to the vouchers being handed the local population as a means to incentive activity in the catering and hospitality sector.

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