Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The Times of Malta discusses the easing of restrictions applicable from today, and while not expressing itself against such measures, it denounces the celebratory tone adopted by the Prime Minister earlier this week, reminding its readers that the virus was still among us and caution at all times was required.

The Independent takes a similar approach, saying that one can understand both sides of the equation, businesses pushing for a resumption of activities and at the same time the concern of healthcare professionals who have pointed out rising numbers in new infections. The Editor calls on caution to ensure that the efforts made so far are not in vain.

L-Orizzont dedicates its editorial to the joys of reading, welcoming Government’s efforts to introduce new libraries and books within the community, particularly in hospital wards, in community homes and local councils.

In-Nazzjon discusses the main changes regarding ministerial responsibilities which were reflected in PM Abela’s Cabinet. The Editor raises doubts on why a number of seasoned politicians with no apparent major fault were removed from Cabinet, questioning whether it was an issue of loyalty to the leadership. In particular, the Editor expresses disappointment with the removal of Evarist Bartolo as Education Minister, insisting that despite not always agreeing with his positions, he was more knowledgeable and experienced than the incumbent.

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