Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Tourism and people on the beach captured the Editors’ attention throughout the weekend.

The Times of Malta focuses on the mission to find a coronavirus vaccine which it describes as s the most urgent challenge confronting the world today. It argues that when it is found, it must be made available to all member states of the EU regardless of size or weight. A solid plan and protocol for all its member states to enjoy equal access to medicines in the EU would demonstrate its wider commitment to global solidarity in the search for a vaccine.

The Independent expresses concern on the number of people gathering in public places such as beaches around the island. The Editor calls for clear enforcement of group sizes on beaches, lest we end up with a spike in Covid-19 numbers.

In-Nazzjon tackles the employment situation saying that the current crisis brought about by the pandemic has rendered many persons jobless, worldwide. Locally, it refers to the troubles that the tourism industry is facing, noting the shelving of plans by the Malta International Airport to expand its footprint.

L-Orizzont welcomes the recent announcement by the Tourism Minister that Malta is looking to establish travel links with nine countries. The Editorial refers to the financial support provided to industry during the current crisis and to plans to incentive the economy as it looks to re-start.

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