Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Tourism, health, football and ambassadorial appointments make their way in the leading opinion articles of Friday’s local newspapers.

The Times of Malta looks at the European Commission’s proposals to “save Summer”, arguing that there is no doubt that this will indeed be a different Summer.The Commission is trying to balance medical best practice in epidemic management with an undeniable desire to revive the myriad of economic activities linked to tourism. The guidelines recommend a three-stage opening of frontiers with priority given to travel for personal or work reasons. However, the Editor describes the current down time as an excellent opportunity to revise the industry’s business model.

The Independent looks at the current football situation in Malta, with important decisions looming for the MFA. Premier League clubs still have six games to play, and a decision needs to be taken on whether to scrap the season or else play the final matches behind closed doors. The Editorial expects the Association to wait for further decisions by the authorities in the coming days.

L-Orizzont argues that the current pandemic has exposed a series deficit in the standard of healthcare systems around Europe, adding that the crisis has shown that some countries do not afford to go alone with the level of investment required, and therefore implying that a pan-European solution could emerge after the current situation subsides.

In-Nazzjon discusses the recent political uproar on comments by former Ambassador to Finland, Michael Zammit Tabona, in which he compared Angela Merkel to Hitler, comments which eventually led to his resignation.


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