Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Thursday’s Editorials provide us with diverse topics for discussion, including a call for political leaders to lead by example and wear protective masks, and another on employers to make teleworking a reality even post-Covid.

The Times of Malta‘s Editorial notes that at the beginning of the outbreak, governments in Europe were lukewarm on the subject of masks for the general public. Yet as people start returning to work, despite the lack of a vaccine, masks are being encouraged as a critical means of containing the virus. Along with hand-washing and social distancing, masks are now being promoted as a core response to the pandemic. In this context, the Editor calls on political leaders to set the example and wear masks in public appearances.

Business Today makes the case for teleworking to become standard once the pandemic is over. Many were concerned on how telework would function, but for those organisations that have until now shunned teleworking because of unfounded fears, misinformation, lack of knowledge or a lack of investment, now is the time to assess the current situation and determine how this experience can be improved upon. A longer-term approach will have to consider the investment required in equipment such as laptops, internet services at the homes of employees and servers that will be required to ensure maximum efficiency and standardisation.

The Independent follows on Editorials taken up yesterday by two English-language newspapers analysing the appointment of a new Political Commissioner.
The Editor argues that the new police chief must command the respect of those serving under him or her and must have the courage to resist political interference. Under new leadership, the force must have the courage to take action even in the most politically sensitive and controversial cases. The force cannot be reluctant in the face of damning reports and accusations of wrongdoing and possible criminal acts levelled at politicians.

L-Orizzont recalls that yesterday marks two months since the closure of schools in Malta following the onset in the pandemic and welcomes efforts made by educational authorities as well as educators and their representatives to continue to provide online learning to students.

In-Nazzjon calls for proper investigations on some of the scandals that the country has witnessed in recent times, ranging from the powerstation to the Police corps. The Editor argues that the new Prime Minister has not learnt any lessons from past experience and is following on the footsteps of his predecessor.

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