Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Four editorials in print tackle different aspect, from communication at the time of coronavirus, the travel industry, the judiciary and important anniversaries celebrated in May.

The Independent calls for better clarity and coordination in the messaging relating to the situation in Malta and the easing of social restrictions. The Editor argues that despite the need for social distancing to continue, some statements made by the government – including by the Prime Minister – are getting people’s hopes up quite early, which could in turn have negative consequences. Such statements could not only be dangerous in terms of people believing that things are back to normal, but have also at times contradicted what the health authorities have said.

The Times focuses on the tourism industry, stating that Malta’s reliance on air travel for connectivity with the rest of the world presents a daunting challenge for political and business leaders struggling to keep the country’s economy on an even keel. The best strategy to combat this turbulence is one based on collecting and studying medical and economic data daily. Action needs to be taken based on scientific data rather than aspirational objectives.

In-Nazzjon recalls May as the month of four important celebrations, the feast of San Gorg Preca, the electoral victory that returned the PN to government in 1987, Europe Day and the birth of Raymond Caruana, the political activist assassinated during the politically violent years of the Early Eighties. The Editor links these anniversaries as important milestones in the history of our country.

L-Orizzont highlights a recent survey on the judicial sector which found that the Maltese public increasingly trusted the judiciary. The Editor attributes these results to important reforms carried out in the previous years but says more, particularly by increasing the number of judges and magistrates which remains among the lowest in Europe.

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