Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Our morning review of Maltese Editorials covering the four papers in print, with spotlight on post-pandemic business, construction and EU membership.

The Times of Malta reminds its readers that the monies being spent now to support the economy will eventually have to be repaid, with the unfortunate situation that no one yet knows what the final cost of cushioning its impact on the economy will be. The Editor argues that while existing support measures can, and should, be fine-tuned, business must fully appreciate the substantial costs involved to present and future governments in providing economic shock absorbers during these extraordinarily challenging times.

The Independent tackles the issue of construction waste, insisting that the possibility of dumping at sea should not be considered. The Editor calls for the rehabilitation of quarries and re-using material as much as possible. Refilling these old quarries and making use of perfectly good unused material will not only help solve the construction waste crisis and reduce the amount of ‘new’ stone we produce but will also be greatly beneficial to the environment.

In-Nazzjon celebrates Malta’s links with Europe, quoting former PM George Borg Olivier who had said that both share the same history, culture and lifestyle. EU membership means political and economic stability, argues the Editor, which continues to shield the Maltese population.

L-Orizzont focuses on the need for solidarity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, with 25 million jobs being lost worldwide. The Editor argues that while the Government in Malta has ensured significant protection for workers, the public can play a role by respecting one and another, without creating new barriers based on our differences, including skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

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