Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The appointment of a new Police Commissioner takes the leading space in two Editorials in print today.

The Times of Malta‘s’ Editorial focuses on the qualities required in the new police commissioner. The new incumbent must, according to the Editor be able to demonstrate their independent-mindedness and that they are apolitical and capable of rising above partisan politics. A police chief’s loyalty lies first and foremost with the citizenry they are pledged to protect and not the politicians that have put them in the post. But they must also show awareness, good judgement and integrity to negotiate the political pitfalls that will mark their every waking hour as commissioner.

Maltatoday tackles the same issue, with the Editor adding that new Commissioner must also be able to bring the police closer to the people again. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in policemen once again patrolling towns and villages: the return of the ‘beat’. This contact with the community has been lacking for many years; and it is also time to introduce further changes: for example, engaging civilians to handle administrative tasks, thus freeing more policemen to serve in localities.

The Editor at the Independent lashes out against the privileged few in Maltese society. The Editorial contends that while many have been forced to stay at home, cannot meet their families, friends or carry out their hobbies, a few among us were treated differently. It names the construction industry, the hunters and fireworks enthusiasts as notable exceptions.

In-Nazzjon lauds the efforts of the local health authorities with regard to handling of the current pandemic and the preparations which took place before the first cases hit the island.

L-Orizzont analyses the financial services sector in Malta, basing itself on the MFSA’s Annual Report published earlier this week. It notes how the number of entities and jobs in this sector continued to grow, but so did the Authority’s inspections of licenced entities. The Editorial also welcomes efforts at improving efforts against anti-money laundering.

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