Maltese Doctors announce industrial dispute, accuse PM of endangering public health

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The association representing Maltese doctors has declared an industrial dispute following what it described as the continued interference in the work of the Superintendent of Public Health by the Office of the Prime Minister, accusing the latter of going against scientific advice.

The MAM is contesting three decisions to declare the public health emergency as concluded where clearly all evidence points otherwise.

Doctors also take the Prime Minister to task for  encouraging people not to comply to the recommendations of the Superintendent of Public Health, not only in words, but also by example where a concert and a mass political activity was held and in which he participated where notably neither social distancing or wearing of masks took place.

The association also highlights the danger of the  active promotion of mass activities by the Malta tourism authorities, including Minister Julia Portelli.

“As a result, not only a grave danger of an epidemic has been created, but also a serious threat to the health and safety of the Medical staff and their loved ones”, the doctors said in a statement today.

For the above reason MAM is declaring an industrial dispute and demanding that as from Monday 3rd August that all permits for mass events of more than ten people be stopped with immediate effect and all approved permits withdrawn. It also calls for all public health care facilities revert to the emergency mode as had occurred from March to June.

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