Malta’s non-resident Ambassador to Finland resigns after comparing Angela Merkel to Hitler

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Malta’s Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs confirmed the resignation of Mr Michael Zammit Tabona, who served as Malta’s politically appointed Ambassador (non-resident) to Finland over the past six years. Zammit Tabona, who owns the Fortina Hotel site and also not a career diplomat.

Back in 2017, Zammit Tabona was also reported for writing an anti-European post on his social media platform within the context of the Brexit Debate. 

While accepting his resignation with immediate effect, Minister Evarist Bartolo stressed that Mr Zammit Tabona’s comments on German Chancellor Angela Merkel was not representative of the friendship and mutual respect between Malta and Germany.

In this regard, Minister Bartolo reiterated the Maltese Government’s commitment to deepen the strong and longstanding bilateral relations between the two countries.

Maltese Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo said Germany would receive an apology, the Times of Malta reports. Mr Bartolo told the newspaper that he had instructed the ambassador to remove the comment “as soon as I was alerted to it”.

Mr Zammit Tabona, who became Malta’s ambassador in Finland in 2014, has so far made no comment on the row.

The Chamber of Commerce in a statement said comments such as those by Mr Zammit Tabona harmed the country’s reputation and it therefore welcomed his resignation.

“All persons holding public office and diplomats no less, should take extra care when expressing themselves, as the country’s reputation is no one’s to put in compromising situations,” the chamber said.

“Good governance demands high ethical, professional and diplomatic standards from our ambassadors The country ought to have representatives of the highest credibility that attract strong trust levels in the interest of Malta.”

BBC / Government of Malta

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