PN’s Executive Committee adopts new statute giving it ‘the tools to work for a better Malta’

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he Nationalist Party executive committee has adopted the draft new statute that will give the PN the tools to work for a better Malta.

The amendments also aim at introducing new elements in the party’s structure and organisation. The 140-year-old party will however retain its name after the members voted down the proposal to change the name and its motto.

The statute is divided into six sections and 170 articles, and will be presented to the general council for discussion, the PN said.

One of the changes is having one deputy leader instead of two. The PN for many years had had one deputy leader, and it was the previous leader Simon Busuttil who introduced the idea of having two in 2013.

The executive committee of the Partit Nazzjoanlista has approved several amendments to its statute aimed at modernising the party.

The amendments the new statute is based on are the following:

The organisation will be built bottom-up and makes a distinction between the party’s political arm and the operation of its commercial entities.

There will be no intolerance or discrimination against anyone, with a specific article laying down that nobody will be precluded from membership on the bases if sex, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or gender identity.

The party will aim to be built on an administration made up of 40% women, 20% youths and 40% men. A new category for foreigners living in Malta with the right to vote in local and MEP elections has been created.

A new organisational sector based on a region, rather than districts, will be set up.

The party will have a general secretary with a redefined role, a president of political research and another for social dialogue and outreach.

The party branches have remained the same with the addition of a branch dedicate to sport and a forum to coordinate the different branches.

The statute clarifies the composition and functions of the leadership team, the PN said, without giving further details.

It will also clarify the process of electing the “leader and deputy leader”, the statement said, with the leader continuing to be elected by the members.

The party will strengthen its electional commission and communications team.

The participation of local councillors will be given more importance by having a representative on the executive from each of the 13 districts.

The party will sent up a concultative council presided by the leader and including people who have previously served as leader, deputy leader or secretary general, and who would have retired from any other position in the party,

The candidates commission as well as the ethical and dicsiplinary bodies will be redefined and a new commission dedicated to electoral records and data will be set up.

The party has also confirmed Maltese as its official language.

The Maltese Nationalist Party (EPP) has set up a new candidates commission. The commission will be held by Mr Colin Vella Bowman and includes Dr Kris Borg, Rachel Azzopardi, Dr Joe Vella Baldacchino, former Nationalist MP Helen D’Amato, Dr Joe Bugeja, and Dr Albert Bell.

The commission’s terms of reference include the of finding potential candidates, by looking into areas including the educational aspect, professional, commercial, economic development, social and vocational scenes. It will have to ensure to carry out due diligence on potential candidates.

The appointments were made by party secretary general Francis Zammit Dimech.

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