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Abortion, the environment, corruption and the fight for justice are the themes which have inspired today’s Editors. This is what they shared with readers today.

In today’s Editorial, the Malta Independent takes a strong, clear stance against abortion, definitng it as murder. While the Editor acknowledges that such topic will always generate debate, abortion is described as the killing of another human being, and there is no such right as killing innocent people. The Editorial highlights a recent intervention of President George Vella, who had noted the irony of being taken to court for killing turtledoves but you are frowned upon if you do not accept abortion.

The Times of Malta’s main opinion piece focuses on the “tangled web” generated by the privatisation of the management of three public hospitals. This process is described as gross mismanagement at best and corruption at worst. Adding insult to injury the investigative process is taking too long, leading the Times to call on the Prime Minister to instill a sense of urgency in this regard, to speed up the process of discovering what was behind the tangled web spun by those responsible for this contract.

L-Orizzont today calls for further environmental protection, highlighting Government’s efforts to this end. It welcomes preparation for the launch of a strategy to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050, incentives that support purchase of cleaner cars, efforts at increasing the recycling of water and reducing traffic congestions. The Editor argues that while this is all positive, more should be done within village and city cores to provide additional green spaces, gardens and areas with pedestrian-only access.

In-Nazzjon’s Editorial summarizes the key pillars which will lead the Nationalist Parties throughout the coming years, these being the fight for truth, justice, good governance and being the voice of the people. The Editor appeals for a strong Opposition that can truly voice people’s concerns at a time Government was trailblazing its decisions on the population.

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