Malta’s Editors’ Viewpoints

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The Editorials of the four papers in print today in Malta highlight four different themes which have been on this week’s news agenda.

The Times of Malta welcomes the recent encouraging announcement by Economy Minister Silvio Schembri that some 19 companies operating in Malta were launching expansion projects. These initiatives will create 800 new jobs, supported by an investment which will inject €200 million into the economy. The Editorial believes that although traditional manufacturing is in decline due to external factors, such expansion into specific niches, including high-quality cosmetics packaging, sealing solutions and aircraft servicing will attract advanced technology and a better skilled workforce.

The Editor of the Malta Independent takes a rather tongue-in-cheek approach to the recent headline that the Government helpline had come to halt due to sheer amount of calls by people asking for their €35 cheque handout. The Editor believes this is a case of a culture of handouts, fueled by a government which has tried to shift attention from its shortcomings by offering monetary compensation.

L-Orizzont takes inspiration from the recent visit by Council of Europe Rapporteur Pieter Omtzigt, describing his visit as positive and noting what he described as a change in attitude from the stakeholders involved. The Editor welcomes efforts by the new Prime Minister Robert Abela to improve our relations with the Council of Europe. The Editor however disagrees with certain comments expressed by the same rapporteur particularly with regard to the lack of implementation of the recommendations instituted by the Venice Commission.

In-Nazzjon’s Editorial takes a close look to the Vitals hospital contract, calling for its full termination. The Editor describes this contract as tantamount to daylight robbery of taxpayers’ money, claiming that it was always bound to fail, however making a few individuals richer by the millions in the process.

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