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Today’s Editorials make up for some interesting reading with a variety of themes ranging from air pollution to autism, today’s EU Summit and the permanent tunnel link between Malta and Gozo.

The Times of Malta’s Editorial tackles a worrying reality that impacts our quality of life, namely air pollution – a source which takes the life of 576 people each year locally. Noting that Malta has missed the deadline for submitting its plan to the EU on limiting such pollution, the Editor appeals for Government to take drastic action and dedicate substantial investment to fight a scourge which is leading to increased levels of asthma, heart diseases, stroke and heart problems.

Today’s Business Weekly discusses the PM’s baptism of fire when attending his first European Council today. This will be a very challenging and particularly Summit, the first since Britain left the club, with Member States needing to reach an agreement on the EU’s budget for 2021-2027. A number of countries are requesting further cuts to the proposed budget.  The Editorial expresses its disappointment that Government has been reluctant to share information on Malta’s position, particularly whether Malta now stands to be a net contributor rather than a net receiver.

Business Today describes the metro tunnel link as a non-starter, and states that Gozitans have a right to reliable travel infrastructure – thereby making the construction of a permanent link important. While other options – such as a fourth ferry ship and possibly a ferry link from Valletta, should also be considered – but for the long term, a road tunnel link will give Gozitans peace of mind and will derive economic benefits.

The Malta Independent reflects on the economic vision launched by the Chamber of Commerce, which has set out 59 proposals to turn Malta into a smart, sustainable island. The Editor considers these proposals as studied and evidently drafted by people who know what they are talking about and calls on government to listen and opt for common sense.

L-Orizzont’s Editor delves into a dramatic social reality – the stigma towards autistic children. Unfortunately, many parents of such children regularly complain of the challenges being faced by their children, most heart-breakingly the comments made by other parents. This leads the Editor to call for more education on this condition particularly in schools besides additional support to parents.

In-Nazzjon dedicates its Editorial to the fight against corruption and its impact on the country’s reputation. It describes the Nationalist Party as the only hope for this battle to be won and that is why it will continue to dedicate its full energy to this case.

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