Malta: Unemployment rate decreases for first time in a year

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The rate of unemployment stood at 4.2 percent in June, a decrease from 4.3 percent in May. Data for the previous twelve months released by the National Statistics Office showed that this was the first drop in the unemployment rate following a stable 3.3 percent throughout the second half of 2019 and a gradual month-on-month rise in 2020.

The total number of unemployed people was just short of 11,500 in the month under review, the second-highest in the 12-month period after records for May surpassed 11,670.

The decrease from the previous month was driven mainly by a drop in the youth unemployment rate which fell by 0.5 percentage points. At 11.8 percent, however, it remains 3.6 points higher than it was in June 2019, the lowest youth unemployment rate registered over the year.

The unemployment rate among adults (25-74) sat at 3.3 percent in the latest figures, up from the lowest 2.5 percent achieved in eight of the past twelve months. There were 5,487 unemployed women and 6,009 unemployed men in June, however, the numbers translate into a 4.9 percent unemployment rate among women and a 3.8 percent rate among men.

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