Malta: Summer will offer limited window of opportunity for businesses – Fearne

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Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that at the beginning of the outbreak he was convinced that Malta was well prepared to take on the coronavirus once it hit the country. He described the transition period as the most difficult, an uncharted territory, where one had to take crucial decisions based on the information at hand.

Speaking during an interview, hosted by Fr Joe Borg on Newsbook Hour which is aired on 103 FM Malta’s Heart, Fearne spoke about the need to find a balance between the economy and public health. Summer will offer a limited window of opportunity for businesses. Speaking about resuming flights and international travel, Fearne said one needs to be caution warning that if there is a spike in coronavirus cases registered in Malta, no one would want to come to the island.

Source: Newsbook

Updated 17:05

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