Malta: Spot the contradiction – video from day Caruana Galizia killed contradicts Keith Schembri testimony

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Footage from a press conference on the day that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed contradicts the testimony which Keith Schembri gave in court last Monday.

Caruana Galizia was killed on 16 October 2017 by a car bomb which exploded just after 3pm.

In his testimony as part of the compilation of evidence against Yorgen Fenech, who stands accused of being complicit in the assassination, Keith Schembri – former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s long-time chief of staff – testified that he was with Muscat and his head of communications Kurt Farrugia at the Office of the Prime Minister when they first got word of the bomb.

A time-stamp on a video camera shown in the footage, where journalists were taking comments from Muscat, indicates the time being 15:13 on 16 October 2017 – which would have been only minutes after the car bomb exploded.

Schembri is nowhere to be seen at any point in the video footage.

Source: The Malta Independent 

Updated 16:15

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