Malta: Registered unemployment slightly down from May

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The number of persons registering for work in June stood at 4,270: an increase of more than 2.650 compared with the same month last year but a decrease of 139 from May 2020. Figures published by the National Statistics Office show that those who have been seeking work for less than 21 weeks decreased by 194 month-on-month whereas registered unemployed in the 21 to 52 band increased by 69.

The unemployment register saw a decline across all age brackets from May to June, except for people aged 45 and over. There were 1,595 people in this category by the end of the sixth month, up from 1,583 in May. The biggest drop was observed in the 20 to 24 age group, which decreased by a tenth over the month.

Women make two in every five people on the register, totalling 1,689 from 1,750 in May. The number of men also fell from 2,659 to 2,581 in June.

All occupation categories recorded a decrease in job seekers, with the number of Clerical Support Workers looking for work shrinking by 52 percent compared with May – the biggest drop. Demand for this job type, however, remains the highest among all sectors, with 533 requests on the register.

The smallest demand is observed in the Skilled Agricultural and Fishery Work category, sought after by 55 unemployed people.

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