Malta: Now that airport is reopening we have to be ever vigilant – wear masks and maintain proper social distance

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At a news conference in front of Mater Dei hospital, the President of the Maltese medical association said that he wanted to send a message of caution given tomorrow’s reopening of the airport. He said that great caution had to be exercised by the Maltese and that they must keep on wearing masks and maintaining their social distance.

Dr Balzan said that the situation in the country was very good and admitted that despite his own personal fears and concerns when restaurants and hairdressers were opened, Malta’s situation was positive.

Dr Balzan expressed disappointment that the Association’s proposal for tourists to carry out a swab test 48 hours prior to coming to Malta was not accepted. He said that now that there were no mitigation measures, it was important that people remained cautious and careful.

Source: TVM

Updated 15:45

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