Malta Newspapers Review – Tuesday 15th May 2018

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The Malta Independent carries a photo story with reference to the violence that erupted in Gaza, following protests which saw over 50 persons shot dead. The protests followed the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. The main story of The Independent refers to a meeting held between db Group and Pembroke residents on the controversial development at the former ITS site. <<db Group fails to answer essential questions on tunnel in fiery meeting with Pembroke residents>> states that db Group’s CEO Arthur Gauci failed to answer specifically whether the proposed tunnel which is essential to the development on the ITS site, will be constructed before or after the development is completed, and whether the taxpayer or the developer would be footing the bill. In an abrupt tone, Gauci told Graffiti member Andre Callus “Go look at the public contract”. A third story quotes a study entitled Sustaining relationships: The expectations and lived experiences of couples in Malta which states that <<Long working hours, ‘luxury’ lifestyles leading to decreased family time>>. The back-page refers to suicide bombings in Indonesia. Entitled Indonesia suicide bombings work of two families, police say>> refers to the use of family members in the suicide bombing which killed 12 people.

The Times of Malta leads with a photo story showing Jerusalem clashes as depicted in a heated argument between an Israeli police and a Palestinian women. The main story <<Final witholding tax changes by stealth>> refers to recent changes which will mean that taxpayers who have resorted to special final witholding provisions over the past two decades will have details of their investments known to the authorities. In another story The Times refers to social media and immigration. <<Social media, public opinion keep migrants on margins>> refers to a report by the European Commission against Racism and Intollerance which show that social media in Malta is rife with offensive content. It adds that public opinion about migrants is generally negative. The back-page carries an article by Fr David Muscat criticising the position announced by the Archbishop’s Curia where it reminded parish priests of a pre-existing policy prohibiting them from letting off fireworks from any church property. It likens the situation to one one depicted by Federico Fellini, ‘ecclesiastical snobbery’.

In-Nazzjon’s front page is dedicated to the situation of the elderly in Malta. The report entitled <<Il-Maltin ma’ jistgħux jgħixu bil-pensjonijiet li għandhom>> quotes an EU report which states that the rate of elderly at the risk of poverty in Malta is amongst the highest in Europe. The newspaper carries another story regards Ronald Mallia, a 30-year-old who pleaded guilty to calling in hoax bomb threat on Gozo Channel ferry. The report is entitled <<€20,000 f’ganazija personali wara li għamel rapport falz dwar bomba fuq vapur tal-Gozo Channel>>. In-Nazzjon also carries a follow-through story about the Nationalist Party’s general council held last week. The back page carries a photo story about the Gaza violence and a story called <<Il-Gvern irid jisforza lill-għalleima kollha jipprintjaw għand l-istamperija tal-Gvern>> which refers to instructions given to schools participating in a pilot project, so as all printing is done at the Government’s Press. The report refers also to business deals that exist between the Press and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff private interests.

L-Oriżżont leads with a story about the proposals being done by the GWU for the property rent sector. The report entitled <<Il-GWU bi proposti għas-settur tal-kera>> positions the proposals as a regulation which protects the tenant while not hindering investment in the sector. The newspaper carries another story entitled <<Nibqgħu l-ewwel fl-Ewropa dwar id-Drittijiet tal-Gays>>. The report refers to statistics showing Malta as the highest-ranking country where it comes to right for the LGBTIQ and quotes Silvan Agius saying that the aim is to increase the rights from 91% to 95% in the coming year. The backpage of L-Orizzont focuses on international news. Apart from a photo-story showing hippopotamuses in Tanzania, also carries a story about a warning given by the English secret service about attacks from ISIS in Europe.

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