Malta Newspaper Review – 7th May 2018

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Newspaper Review

The Times of Malta’s main story is entitled << ‘Friendly figure’ from OHSA facing investigation over Electrogas link>>  reports that  the “Occupational Health & Safety Authority (OHSA) is investigating claims that a “friendly figure” from within was warning Electrogas of safety spot-checks during the construction of the new power plant, the Times of Malta has learnt. The OHSA appointed a former member of the judiciary to probe claims.

The leaked e-mails show how the OHSA identified safety shortcomings in 2015 during the construction of the power station.” The authority warned that unless the shortcomings were rectified, it would have no other alternative but to stop the construction works until safety onsite was improved. In one e-mail, Tumas Group CEO and Electrogas director Yorgen Fenech told former Electrogas commercial director Catherine Halpin that an unidentified minister had spoken to the OHSA to “calm the situation”.

The Times of Malta emphasized that it is withholding publishing the name of the official involved pending the investigation. Questions sent to Mr Fenech, asking about the nature of his arrangement with the OHSA official, were not answered.  The report is based on information from over 600,000 Electrogas files were leaked to slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in the months prior to her assassination. The files were handed over to the Daphne Project following her death.

In a second report <<Increase in domestic violence reports by men>> journalist Sarah Carabott writes about how nearly one in four domestic violence reports lodged with the police are filed by men. The number of domestic violence reports has increased steadily over the past years.

The back page of The Times carries a photo by Natalino Fenech of a sanderling trying to rest on the water, entitled <<Wings on water>>. It also carries a talking point by the Nationalist MEP Francis Zammit Dimech, entitled <<It just doesn’t wash>> and argues the truth is that for the second year running, Caruana Galizia, and her legacy have haunted Muscat into using the May 1 platform to demand oxygen from masses.

In-Nazzjon’s front page is entirely dedicated to the General Council being organised by the Nationalist Party. It represents the highlights of three speeches delivered during the event, namely that of the Nationalist Party Leader, Dr Adrian Delia, <<Irridu nfasslu future aħjar għal pajjiżna>; that of the Executive Chairman of Media Link Communications, Pierre Portelli, <<Il-kuraġġ li nbiddlu>>, and that of the Secretary General of the Party Clyde Puli, <<Partit Żgħażugħ>>. Detailed reports of the speeches are led to in the inside pages of the newspaper. The back page carries two stories. One, which carries the title <<L-isport kontra d-droga>> is related to an event for youths who are currently following a drug rehabilitation process at Caritas’ San Blas centre and who took part in a sport event.  The second story <<Net News u gurnalisti ta’ fost ir-rebbieħa tal-unuri>>, focuses on the Journalist Awards as announced this weekend.

L-Orizzont’s main story refers to the speech by the Prime Minister during an event by the Malta Labour Party yesterday. The report entitled <<Il-PM fl-ambjent il-bidla li jmiss>> said that the next change, that the country will be going through is environment. In a second story, the newspaper quotes Fr Hilary Tagliaferro saying that a marriage should always be between a man and a woman, but anyone has a right to love. <<Fr Hilary: Kull individwu għandu dritt li jħobb>> also quotes Fr Hillary saying that love between two persons is sacred and beautiful, but you can’t call every form of loving relationship a marriage. He added that he blessed a lot of gay couples, but that doesn’t mean he married them.

The third story entitled <<Il-Ministru Konrad Mizzi: Se nibqgħu nistinkaw minkejja l-provokazzjoni>> refers to comments given by Minister Konrad Mizzi, directed to Ivan Camilleri following what he deems as unacceptable behaviour by the journalist.

The front page of Orizzont also carries a photo story showing part of the celebrations of the Mdina Medieval Festival.

The backpage carries two international news stories. The first, a photo story, shows a Bulgarian soldier doing his salutes during a military parade in Bulgaria. The second is a story entitled <<Tkompli l-mewġa ta’ delitti fil-belt ta’ Londra>> and focuses about the recent spate of murders and criminality which is hitting the British Capital City.

The front page of the Malta Independent entitled <<Untimely jellyfish bloom could bring better summer swimming conditions>> refers to the signficantly lare freek jellyfish bloom which hit the island. The report, quotes marine biologist Alan Deidun, who commented about this premature bloom, which could mean better swimming conditions over the summer months. The second story <<Arms says ‘figures confirm 25% savings in energy bills’. The report says that contrary to what many customers are complaning about, ARMS is saying that the formulation and calculation of water and electricity bills issued by ARMS has remained unchanged since the current system was established in 2009.

The back-page of The Independent carries an article by Mary Anne Ciappara, a former member of the Bioethics Consultative Committee about the Embryo Protection Act. In her article entitled <<Protecting the embryo and children’s rights>> she argues that it is very sad that the discussion on the amendment to the Embryo Protection Act has been polarised and that not enough time has been given for all interested parties to present scientific findings and discuss the ethical and legal issues arising from these amendments.

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