Malta News Paper Review – 12th May 2018

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Today’s newspaper’s main stories review follow.


L-Orizzont and The Malta Independent dedicate stories from their Front Page on proposals done by the General Workers Union vis-a-vis the rental market. Entitled <<Il-GWU bi proposti dwar il-kirjiet f’pajjiżna>> and <<GWU calls for fiscal incentives and criminal offences for tenants in rental market proposals>> respectively, the stories report that the GWU will propose that tentants of rendal properties should benefit from fiscal incentives in order to get a fair value for their residence. The Independent reports that the GWU is also proposing that a tentant who fails to meet their obligations in terms of the condition of the residential propertiy such as levels of sanitation, health and safety, environment and maintenance, will be constituted as a criminal offence.

The Malta Independent also reports that <<33 new cars per day as Malta records highest CO2 emissions increase in EU.>> The number of licensed vehicles on Maltese roads has increase to a net average of 33 new vehicles per day. This is also put within the context of the CO2 emissions data issued by Eurostat earlier this week, which placed Malta as one of the highest countries which witnessed a spike.

The Malta Independent also carries a photo caption story showing children practicing the art of Chinese kite-making at the Verdala palace. The Times also features a similar photo story.

The Times’ <<€790,000 in TV ads over five years >> focuses on information given in Parliament that shows that the government spent just short of €800,000 in the production of television advertising, figures tabled in Parliament show.  The production costs incurred by the different ministries between 2013 and last month were supplied in reply to a series of parliamentary questions by Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi”. In a second story, entitled <<Groundwater extraction being monitored>>, journalist Keith Micallef, reports that ”Groundwater extraction is being measured by the Water Services Corporation but the State entity would not comment when asked about serious concerns that the water table is being depleted.  The issue was raised at a news conference held yes- terday next to the Tal-Providenza Chapel, in the limits of Siġġiewi, which marked the announcement of a plan to improve the water distribution network. The project is scheduled for completion within the next three to four years.”

The back page carries an opinion piece by psychotherapist Eleonor Borg entitled <<Fragmentation at the core>> focuses on the current debate about the proposed amendments to the IVF law.

The author, who is Gift of Life member, argues that “If professionals who have authority to change the law believe that the embryo is not yet a life but has only the potential for life, then we are starting on the wrong foot. Such statements are misleading. When one looks at the processes of life from this perspective then we give ourselves the per- mission to manipulate it as we please. This issue is delicate, moral, scientific and value laden and one needs to be truthful and knowledgeable about the matter to make an informed decision. To understand what embryo freezing, embryo adoption, gamete donation and surrogacy mean, one has to consider all aspects and their serious implications; the genetic, psychological, spiritual and legal both on the intrapersonal and interpersonal of all those affected and this requires research and time. I appeal to those in authority to take these issues very seriously and acknowledge that life starts at conception. Truths upon which our human identity and social fabric are built, are not to be tampered with. Life is to be reverenced, the embryo is the beginning of a new life and we need to be humble enough to acknowledge that the gift of life is sacred and larger than our life itself.” 

L-Orizzont reports about the education reforms being piloted by the Ministry of Education. In a story entitled <<Riformi biex nilħqu lill-istudenti kollha>> the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry, Dr Frank Fabri, is quoted commenting about the reforms in the sector aimed to meet some of the persistent challenges being faced in the sector. On the even of Mother’s Day, L-Orizzont carries a story about adoption. <<Tista’ tħobb lit-tifel adottat bl-istess mħabba ta’ omm?>> is a story which delves into the feelings of an adoptive mother, the challenges to become mother and the feelings towards her adoptive son.  On the back-page we have a beautiful photo of a luxurious cruise liner which was inaugurated in Malta, and an international news story entitled <<Franza tikkundana s-sanzjonijiet Amerikani>>. The story features the comments by the French President Emanuel Macron who condemned the decision by the USA to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

In-Nazzjon carries two story. One story, << Omm b’qalbha maqsuma…żewġha ħarab biż-żewġ uliedhom>> focuses about the story of a mother who for the past years tried to establish where her children are located to establish contact, after their father ‘ran away with them’. The front page also carries a photo of the Nationalist Party addressing an event of the General Council. The photo is accompanied by a headline saying <<Politika mfassla fiq il-ħtiġijiet tan-nies>>. Victor Camilleri’s regular Saturday piece can be read on the backpage of In-Nazzjon. Amongst various issues, Camilleri writes about the 50th anniversary of the Central Bank.





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