Malta News Evening Roundup – Tuesday 21st August 2018
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Good evening

These are the main news in Malta as reported by Malta’s news portals.

TVM and Oneleads with a story about a man who has died after finding himself in difficulties while swimming at Armier Bay. Police said that the incident happened at about 11.45am this morning.

Net News reports about a Spanish tourist who was arrested and arraigned in court in view of his possession of cannabis, despite his claims that he had it for medical reasons and with prescription.

MaltaToday leads with a story which says that four employer organisations (Chamber of SMEs (GRTU), the Chamber of Commerce, the Malta Employers Association and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association) will not attend meetings of the Employment Relations Board in protest at the introduction of new vacation leave rules. They said they were dismayed by the introduction of four legal notices related to industrial and employment relations.

Update: Changes to vacation leave regulations have been suspended just days after coming into effect, following uproar by employers’ associations.

In a statement, the Equality Ministry said it would be suspending legal notices related to changes to work conditions and going back to the negotiating table “as a sign of goodwill”.

The Times lead with a story where it states that works to widen Tal-Balal Road between San Ġwann and Naxxar are forging ahead even though no development permit has yet been issued by the Planning Authority.

Moreover, State road agency Infrastructure Malta is adamant this project must be completed by next October in time for the start of the new scholastic year.

The Independent carries a story about what it refers to as a true definition of caring for one another through a couple’s story of love and disability.

Newsbook presents comments from Archbishop Scicluna following the Pope’s letter regards the issue of child sexual abuse from the clergy and which was hidden from the church authorities in the US.

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