Malta News Evening Roundup – Sunday 2nd September ’18
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Once again, the Maltese news include a story about yet another child sexual abuse. This time the crime was committed by a 74-year-old man. A regular on Sundays are the speeches by the Prime Minister and the PN Leader. We also read that there was no formal request for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s laptops to the German police.

These are the main news as reported by Malta’s main newsportals.



A 74-year-old man stood in front of Court on Sunday pleading guilty of sexually abusing an underage boy and for having drawn images of child pornography. The Birżebbuġia resident is a repeat offender and he seems to have learnt how to draw during one of his prison terms. The Court heard how the man paid a thirteen-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him and also used to draw images portraying children in sexual positions with adults. NewsbookNetNews

As more details emerge from Libya about the developing conflict in the region, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat ensures that Malta is monitoring the ongoing conflict taking place in Tripoli and the surrounding areas. The Malta Independent The Prime Minister has requested the Home Affairs Minister and the Police Commissioner for more Police presence at Marsa, where various cases of unacceptable behaviour have been reported. TVM  Muscat added that the government is keeping its word and delivering what it promised. As an example he referred to the tax-rebate announced earlier on last month. OneNews

Malta is losing its identity. The country needs to become once again a country with a society that cares. The Nationalist Party Leader, Adrian Delia, said this while addressing an event in Gozo. NETNEWS Dr Delia said that the party will be working to be an alternative government with alternative proposals in various sectors. The Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has insisted the anti-money laundering unit (FIAU) should come clean on whether it has information on the owners of the mystery Dubai company 17 Black. Times of Malta He said that there was a whole election campaign caused by the Egrant situation, and that all Maltese people have a right to know what the inquiry holds. He said that the Attorney General had given the Prime Minister a copy of the report stating that it interests the Prime Minister. The Malta Independent  

The German federal criminal police, the Bundeskriminalamt, have confirmed they have not yet received a formal request from Malta for data on the laptops and hard drives used by Daphne Caruana Galizia. LovinMalta

Two Syrian nationals were yesterday charged in court, after they allegedly were involved in a fight with other Syrians in a Marsa residence, and a theft from another residence in Hamrun. MaltaToday The two – a 22-year-old of no fixed address, and a 20-year-old from Qormi – were charged with having committed aggravated theft of a home in Hamrun, with having caused slight knife-related injuries and with having placed the life of third-parties in danger.

Two men were arrested after they were found manufacturing fireworks in an illegal way in Gudja. TVM

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