Malta News Evening Roundup – Monday 27th August 2018
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These are the main news as reported by Malta’s today portals.


One News reports that a group of migrants who were saved by MV Lifeline, in the last hours left to Belgium.


The Malta Independent reports that Health Minister Chris Fearne today spoke about the importance of vaccinations in view of an outbreak of measles across Europe while speaking at a press conference announcing that Mater Dei Hospital would be offering the MMR vaccination to all its employees. Mater Dei will be offering the vaccination on the 27, 28 and 29 August. “Scientific evidence has proven that this vaccine does not cause any form of autism, despite this idea taken root in some countries,” Fearne stressed on multiple occasions.


In the court, we heard that the man accused of shooting a number of storks allegedly called up his friend shortly afterwards to say he “screwed up.” This emerged as Magistrate Astrid May Grima began hearing the compilation of evidence against 41 year-old James Magri from Dingli, who is accused of shooting three of the protected birds. Before starting the sitting, the Magistrate declared that her partner is a member of the FKNK and asked if there was any objection. The Malta Independent

The Times reports that seven gaming employees have filed a judicial protest against their employer in Malta after they were told they could either take move to Georgia and take a hefty pay cut or find themselves a new job. The seven employees, who are Turkish, say that Evolution Malta Limited informed them that it would no longer be serving Turkish-speaking clients and that they would therefore be transferred to Georgia, where they would be paid as much as employees there. That salary would have been “much less” than they were earning in Malta. TVM also carries this story.

Malta Today reports that the Health Minister, Chris Fearne has asked the health ministry permanent secretary to investigate claims that a Gozitan patient died after his medical evacuation was delayed by a faulty helicopter.  The claims were made over the weekend by Nationalist MP Chris Said and denied by the Gozo hospital authorities. The Gozo hospital and the helicopter used for medical evacuations are operated by Steward Healthcare, a private company. Newsbook also covers this story.


All media reports that a 53-year-old motorcyclist from Msida succumbed to injuries sustained in a traffic accident on Wednesday in Pieta’. Mark Vassallo had been hospitalised following a collision in Marina Street on August 22 at 7.45am.


Net News and TVM report that 29-year-old Mandy Cassar of Swieqi has been arraigned in Court, in a Courtroom packed with friends and relatives, after having signed for a suspicious package which contained three books and a packet of cannabis. It was stated on the packet that the contents were four books and a packet of popcorn. Instructions were issued for a controlled delivery to be carried out through an undercover Police officer, who rang the doorbell of the residence, with the door being opened by accused Mandy Cassar.










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