Malta News Evening Roundup

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Good evening,

These are the main news from Malta’s main news portals.

The European Commission is expected to send a warning to member states about risks associated with cash-for-passport schemes. The Shift News says that Malta, Cyprus, and Bulgaria are the only EU countries to offer such systems.

Gozitans who commute to Malta for work prefer a rapid mass transit system across the channel than a tunnel for private cars. Quoted by Newsbook, the Association of Gozitans Employed in Malta said that a metro system is a better solution to eliminate waiting time and costs.

Motorists are queueing at fuel stations to fill up before operators go out on strike this evening. Net News says that self-service pumps will also be turned off after the negotiations between GRTU and government failed.

PN media chairman Pierre Portelli testified in court that activist Manuel Delia was ghostwriting for Adrian Delia during his campaign bid to become leader of the party. MaltaToday quotes Pierre Portelli who said that after the election was won, Manuel Delia asked for payment.

Veteran actor John Suda’s teacher’s warrant was revoked after he was convicted of indecent assault. The Times says that the Ministry of Education published its decision to withdraw Suda’s permanent warrant in the Government Gazzette.

Rachel Williams and Godfrey Leone Ganado, who are both being sued for libel by PL MP Rosianne Cutajar, said that the term ‘prostitute’ does not constitute defamation. The Malta Independent says that the two filed replies in court arguing that the word, although uncomplimentary, is not defamatory.

The World Economic Forum and the Global Youth Leaders Forum awarded EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella for his work towards circular economy. TVM says that the Maltese Commissioner established a holistic strategy for the EU to promote circular economy cycles.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat shared his top-ten list of songs as he celebrates his 45th birthday.LovinMalta says that the Prime Minister’s playlist is a mix of genres and songs by Winter Moods, Gino Paoli, Pink Floyd, and Eddy Grant feature among his favourite.

One News follows the story of the four-year-old child who died on Sunday suffering from bacterial meningitis. The portal says that the boy had received the available vaccines against meningitis.


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