Malta News Evening  Roundup
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Good evening

Your evening news roundup brings you the main news as reported by Malta’s news portals.

  • The Justice and Culture Minster retained Nexia BT managing partner Brian Tonna as a ‘person of trust’ with a monthly salary of €5,000. The Times reveals that Tonna was engaged on a full-time basis between 2015 and 2016, and on part-time basis in 2017. The paper points out that in 2017 the Nexia BT chief was facing a judicial inquiry. The Malta Independent says that, in reaction, the Ministry said that Tonna was engaged to offer technical advice on financial matters relating to the culture portfolio.
  • Parliament is, this evening, debating the motion presented by the Opposition to establish an independent inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Newsbook quotes government whip Byron Camilleri who says that the Opposition’s demand would mean politicians interfering in the case.
  • Judge Grazio Mercieca turned down a request to recuse himself from a case filed by Jonathan Ferris. The former police inspector had asked the judge to refrain from hearing the case because he was close to politicians from the Labour Party. MaltaToday says that, in a 25-page decision, Judge Mercieca said that Maltese society “is what it is.” Ferris is contesting the decision not to be granted whistle-blower status.
  • Malta is the only EU country to miss al targets on emissions since 2013, according to the European Environment Agency. LovinMalta and The Shift News pick up the agency’s recently-published report which says that Malta will now have to purchase Annual Emissions Allocations from other countries to compensate for the failings.
  • The last group of migrants who disembarked in Malta this summer left the island to Germany. TVM says that just under 200 immigrants rescued by MV Aquarius in separate missions were brought safely to Malta, before being relocated to other countries in Europe.
  • 42,000 families will receive their children’s allowance for the month of January in the coming week. One News quotes Family Minister Michael Falzon who said that the allowances will include the increases announced in the budget.
  • The UK has suspended its visa by investment programme citing concerns about money laundering and criminal activity. The UK grants a residence visa after a ₤2 million investment, says Net News, which is followed by citizenship under certain conditions. The portal says the scheme will be re-introduced under a different regulatory framework next year.


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