Malta News Evening Roundup
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These are the lead stories from Malta as published on Malta’s main news portals.

Corporate Dispatch lead with the story that a lie by George Papadopoulos set Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud free from being investigated further in Russia’s link with Trump campaign probe.

TVM leads with the story that DBRS agency confirmed the A high Level and stable rate for Malta. In its report, the Canada based global agency gives a good picture of the Maltese economy while it pointed out domestic and international challenges it may face. It also refers to the strength of the Maltese banks and Magistrate Bugeja’s inquiry report. Similarly does report One News and Newsbook.



The Times leading story is about a picture posted by Italy’s deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini of a migrants’ boat which he claimed was steaming through Maltese waters on Saturday.

Lovin Malta reports that journalist Matthew Caruana Galizia has claimed to have “hundreds of gigabytes of evidence on Egrant, as well as Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi’s corruption” that he couldn’t share due to a lack of protection. According to Caruana Galizia’s Facebook post, Magistrate Aaron Bugeja warned him that he “would not be protected” if this data was handed over to the investigation. Caruana Galizia was responding to claims done by Cyrus Engerer who expressed his intentions of contesting the MEP elections with the Labour Party.

The Independent leads with the story about a woman has been arrested for importing 600 grammes of cannabis, the police said.

The drug was contained in a package she received from the United States.

MaltaToday leads with the story about a holdup held at Vilhena Pharmacy in Floriana this morning. The police having launched a search for the perpetrator.

Informed sources told MaltaToday that the person suspected of being responsible for the crime, at the Triq Sant’ Anna pharmacy, was a foreign national and is on the run.

NetNews reports a statement issued by PN about what it calls a threat by the government against pastizzi shops at the same time that it is showing inaction to refund people with money it should refund people in view of high utility bills.


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