Malta News Evening Roundup
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Malta’s news portals today lead with two stories emanating from reports from the Court.

Maltatoday reports that the Dutch woman who was found with her throat slashed earlier this month, Shannon Mak, had been at a company activity at Armier with the man accused of killing her just hours before her brutal murder, a court has heard today.

The Independent reports how Inspector Vella said that when questioned, Rijpma had said that he “freaked out” after an argument with her. There was CCTV footage of the accused running, knife in hand, down the street and throwing the murder weapon in nearby veranda. For his second statement to police, Rijpma was assisted by a lawyer. He had said that he had seen Mak at the party and that she had driven him back to his residence. However, when asked about what happened to her and how she was murdered, he refused to answer questions, the inspector said.

The Times reports that a teenager whose friend was killed in jet ski accident at St George’s Bay last Wednesday has been granted bail after pleading not guilty to involuntary homicide on Friday. One News leads with the fact that the court heard that the accused was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The Shift News carry the message sent by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s children during a vigil held in Valletta on Thursday, 10 months since her assassination. The message said “Our mother’s life was valuable and she valued it. She could have put as much distance as possible between herself and the dangerous people who now control Malta’s economy and its government. But when the very things that made her work possible and which made her life worth living came under threat, she decided to fight back with everything she had.”

TVM reports that the Planning Authority has announced the extension by one year of the present tariff of its scheme for regularising of development carried out without a permit.

The development cannot be outside development boundaries, and has to date back to before 2016. The scheme, which has been in place for two years,  was planned in a way that tariffs for sanctioning would go up by 25% with effect from next month.

Net News reports that the tensions between Malta and Italy on migrants remained high with Malta accusing Italy of having no interest in the safety of migrants.

The Malta Independent writes that Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has told MEP David Casa that an email or a phone call would have been enough for an obvious mistake to be corrected. Scicluna was replying to Casa after the latter said he would file a police report after Scicluna endorsed a message on Facebook in which there is a call for Casa to be ‘put to death’. The minister, according to Casa, “engineered hate speech against me and then endorsed it”.

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